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XERORO: ”Someone like me” as in, a… hitman-slash-cannibal haha…

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Will he stay dead from drowning? Nah.

I think he would consider drowning a cool way to die because although it’s painful, it’s kinda peaceful to look up and see the rays of light breaking the water’s surface. It’s like falling asleep.

Alive and possibly severely traumatized.

(His body is able to regenerate after he’s free, but he probably can’t get out by himself because 1.] the damage to his brain would hinder his other systems and 2.] he’d be paralyzed because of the damage to his spine especially. But as long as he’s somewhat intact, his body will keep regenerating what it’s able to so he’d just be in a lot of pain until someone pulled him out?)

does xero prefer wangly dangs or jiggly boogles


tender thighs with a fair muscle-fat ratio and well-seasoned rib meat

Is Hachi gay?

(( I’m gonna answer this OOC because I feel like his weirdo sexuality is kind hard to describe„, OTL

Xero’s really flirty with people regardless of gender [though he does seem to have a preference for effeminate people], but he identifies as aromantic-asexual! Mainly because (1) he can’t feel complex human emotions like love and sympathy and (2) because he doesn’t get sexually attracted to people, and isn’t really interested with sex in the first place.

DESPITE THIS, HOWEVER, he’s really perverted and really wouldn’t mind sex? (I mean he touches himself, but it’s more of experimentation rather than fantasizing getting with people uh„,) He just sees sex as more of a… biological(?) act rather than a pleasurable one and since he’s sterile he doesn’t see why he would need to diddle the do. I mean, video games and masturbation and brutally murdering people and cooking them are all pleasurable things, without getting all sweaty and intimate so!

DESPITE THIS, HOWEVER, he does feel attracted to people all the time? LIKE, IN A BORDERLINE GET-IN-MY-BED-NOW WAY, ONLY IT’S NOT REALLY SEXUAL — IT’S A REALLY STRONG AESTHETIC THING. You know the way you feel when you walk into a high-class restaurant and see a dish that just makes you salivate and you want to eat it all immediately? That’s what he feels toward some people.

And he gets like„, sexual gratification from hurting people and being in pain but not from SEX so it’s LIKE… HE’S REALLY… SEXUAL(?) WITHOUT EVEN BEING SEXUAL? Oh my God I feel like this is so weird. SO TO GO BACK AND ANSWER YOUR QUESTION — YES, HE WOULD FEEL WHATEVER-THE-FUCK ATTRACTION HE FEELS TOWARD PEOPLE TOWARD GUYS, TOO. ))

XERORO: It’s usually easier to just re-attach them, however…

Since he was created in a lab, is Hachi super strong? As in stronger than your average bear strong even though he has noodle arms?


Yes!! His blood is very dense, somewhere in between mercury and oil, with a consistency like tar. It’s kind of like an organic metal, if that’s the right way to describe it? Rather than normal blood cells, he kind of had these… nanites(?), making his own blood semi-sentient…

… which is how it can do weird stuff like that^ without him controlling it! It’s like that as a sort of backup system, in case he can’t protect himself. Like, let’s say someone was gonna attack him from behind:

He has six “vents” on his back just for this purpose! Though 99.9% of the time he would either take the hit or dodge it, having a constant damage alert system is kinda wasted on a masochist with exceptional combat ability. He’s also mastered being able to control his own body, so it won’t go all autopilot on him unless it absolutely NEEDS to. He may be suicidal but his own body isn’t ready to let him die just yet.

Anyway, I’m getting kinda off-track OTL Since his blood is this weird organic metal thing, it reinforces his entire body, making him have superhuman (though not like SUPERhuman, he’s not like Thor or the Hulk by far. Maybe something like Deadpool???) strength. His bones are also made of some organic metal, (though not the same kind as his blood, as this one is solid) so despite being hollow to give him better agility, they’re quite durable.

(( casually shoves this here ))

(( Because of the advanced regeneration properties of his body [along with the fact it’s already many times more efficient than a human’s], Xero needs to eat a LOT to keep it at its best… Which he deliberately chooses not to do, so he stays lanky and kind of sickly-looking.

It’s kind of detrimental to his health, because his body has to burn itself out to keep him conscious, but with advanced regeneration, who cares? ))


XERORO: Oh, come on, mademoiselle, I don’t think the idea of — *SNICKER* — being my wife is that bad, is it? *MORE SNICKERING*

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